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U. P. Judicial Services Association

The Indian Judiciary is partly a continuation of the British legal system established by the English in the mid-19th century based on a typical hybrid legal system in which customs, precedents and legislative law have validity of law. The Constitution of India is the supreme legal document of the country. There are various levels of judiciary in India — different types of courts, each with varying powers depending on the tier and jurisdiction bestowed upon them.

Mr. Randheer Singh


Mr. H.B. Singh

Secretary General

Mr. Irfan Ahmad

Senior Vice President

Smt. Subhi Gupta

Junior Vice President

Aim's and Objectives

To be the organ of expression of the views of the Judicial Services in respect of all their matter. To study the prevailing legal system and suggest changes to suit genius of the people as citizens of a welfare state ..

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A member shall liable to be removed from the membership by a resolution passed at the general body meeting of the Association by a two-third majority of the members present at the meeting and having a right to ..

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Every member shall pay Rs 1000 yearly( to be paid in Jan every year)* as subscription for the Association to the Secretary of the District Unit in which he is posted. But the Executive Committee may change ..

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